Our methodology was conceived on the ground floor of an ivory tower. It was our goal to clearly understand supply chain from a stand point of everyday operators. History has proved too often, that programs built from the top down miss primary functionality. We strongly believe, if operators can access most of their information in a single system, there will be a much greater return on investment and a higher value to our client.

Another pillar of strength is in our ability to compare multiple transport modes side by side offering additional service options to choose at the best price.

WDX is best of breed in the space we work. We do not offer freight services of any kind, so therefore we are not a freight intermediary. Our service is concisely software and rate management. Simply stated, we automate freight rates and make them instantly available and comparable.

There are many benefits for WDX clients. Besides saving time and freight spend, WDX is a great way to align your vendors with your company standards. Your policy may consist of certain criteria and standards but are difficult to control. WDX has the systematic means to approve, monitor and help clients manage motor carrier compliance.

WDX model can actually reduce the number of vendors by a managed and strategic process. Many carriers are hired at random because they brought donuts to the team. The vendor list continues to grow. Supporting fewer carriers with greater volume should increase loyalty and favorable discounts.