Compliance & Analysis

Keep personnel up-to-date with vital information that supports safety and regulatory compliance. Share documents between staff and vendors. Receive automatic updates of vendor insurance coverage’s. Keep information fresh and accessible.

Insurance Monitoring

Carrier insurance coverage is monitored daily by EDI with the federal government. WDX systematically watches for any insurance defaults. Coverage is continually verified and defaults are electronically reported by electronic means to our clients.

Carrier Profile

Carrier profiles are accessible to all team members. Legal details are imported from the FMCSA. Contact details may be edited, such as dispatchers or rate specialists. This feature serves as a Rolodex for internal purposes. Vendor reviews are very useful for periodic evaluation. Team members may write reviews to praise carrier performance or caution others of service failures.

Profiles not only include contacts, but describes carrier services and provides a link to their websites.

Document Scanning

WDX scans important carrier documents such as contracts, operating authority, hazmat, Customs, TSA or other required certificates. Carrier tariffs may also be scanned. These agreements are made but often lost in a file drawer.

This service is value added by helping clients manage documents and make them visible to all.

Carrier Account Codes

How many mistakes are made due to lack of information. WDX keeps important details in front of your traffic team. Carrier billing is a perfect example. WDX provides account codes to branches so they may receive corporate negotiated discounts.


If you can measure it, you can manage it. Many useful reports are standard and custom reports can be created.

  • Request for Quote RFQ reports offer a thorough cost assessment of carriers providing services in a specified territory.
  • Quote history shows usage by branch, department or individual for a specified period of time.
  • Carrier ranking by price, territory and other available benchmarks
  • Graphical charts illustrate peak days that quotes are generated by each branch or department.