Instant Carrier Rates

Simple steps toward having a fully automated carrier pricing system

Clients simply provide a list of their core carriers along with a blanket letter as authorization to obtain agreed carrier pricing. WDX will work directly with each carrier to setup their rates on our secure servers.

WDX will automate any pricing regardless of structure. We do not dictate how rates need to be presented. In other words, we support any reasonable pricing method that has been accepted by our client.

Types of carrier services supported:


    Common Carriers

    Class Based Less-Than-Truckload LTL carriers providing Regional and National transportation.


    Surface Airfreight Carriers

    Dimensional Weight Rates for carriers serving airport to airport traffic.


    Cartage Companies

    Offering Per Hundredweight CWT rates for local pickup and deliveries generally setup by zone.



    In local markets and across North America. Rates are setup per mile by zone, region or specific lane.


    Partial Load Carriers

    Having a variety of pricing methods such as per Skid or Linear Foot.


    Container Drayage

    Are rated by round trip miles from rail ramps, steamship piers or container yards. WDX also automates the cost of chassis placement or container

Quote Result

Your team will have access to all carrier pricing regardless of transport mode. After shipment details are entered by a user, WDX calculates the net charges and matches the criteria such as class, dim., skid, feet or load. The net prices are displayed in plain view so team members can select the appropriate service at the best price available.

    Limits of Liability will be included in all quotes as stated by carriers.
    Fuel Surcharges of motor carriers are applied to each quote. WDX downloads weekly fuel prices from the DOE and calculates each FSC from carrier indexes supplied.
    Accessorial charges can be automated. Most common extra service fees are automatically generated if queried by user such as hazmat, customs bonded and others.

Scale Rates

Scale rates shows net rates across the board. This is essential for business development and quoting in general. Rates are displayed from minimum to maximum in CWT, skid or linear feet.

General rules may be referenced as stated by carriers and may be easily searched by tariff items.


WDX is highly experienced in all facets of inland transportation. Carrier tariffs are analyzed and then automated appropriately. Careful consideration is given to each contract that describes discounts for inbound, outbound, prepaid, collect and third party. Minimums, maximums, special weight breaks and dim weight are applied. WDX helps to deliver information accurately.

Training: WDX has designed clear and intuitive user interfaces throughout the entire program. Additionally, training may be scheduled over Webex to interested parties. Training video clips are also available within the WDX system.

WDX works with managers and staff alike. Calls can be made to experienced WDX support personnel that can speak to both technical and transportation issues.

Trouble tickets are available in parts of our system and may be used to report a problem or just to make a suggestio