Spot Quote Network

A two-way interactive system for shipment quotes that may have unusual requirements, or special circumstances, and require human "hands-on" attention by the carrier to properly quote. WDX Freight Connect makes it easy for shippers and carriers to communicate with each other and manage quotes.

Our spot quote system is unparalleled by other transport search engines. We are unique because we filter the requirements first, match up carriers services second, then provide the direct communication between the business parties.

WDX provides carrier contact information, website link, insurance coverage’s instantly. Save time assessing proper credentials by having automated information.

WDX identifies and enrolls carrier participants

WDX team has procured carriers with services available throughout North America. While most business can be accomplished by competitive core carriers, other shipments require specialized service and consideration. Here are a few examples where Spot Quoting is advantageous:

Volume LTL

There are deals to be made! For larger shipments, regular freight services lose their competitive edge. WDX provides automated direct connections to each carriers quote specialist for special consideration. Spot Quote Requests may be executed simultaneously to multiple carriers having service for the points specified.

Flat Bed, Refrigerated, Truckload

WDX provides links to carriers having specialized services in major markets that cover local and regional territories. National carriers add blanket coverage coast to coast.

Expedited and Hot Shots

“Have a shipment ready in Pueblo, CO at 18:00 with a flight out of Denver at 22:00? WDX will provide the appropriate carriers to get the job done. Hundreds of local and regional Hot Shot services will be available for you to contact, along with many national brand name services.


Where there is a rail ramp, steamship pier or container yard - WDX has strategically engaged drayage companies to quote their services. Wherever your team is located there will be quality carriers ready to serve. Example: Personnel located in Seattle will have draymen available in Charleston.