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Carrier Rates Management

WDX offers freight rating and tariff management services for freight forwarders, 3PL's, distribution centers, manufacturers, brokers, and other intermediaries.

Class Rates (LTL)

Class Based Less-Than-Truckload LTL carriers with services throughout North America. Rates are provided by WDX interfaces (API) with major motor carriers.

Surface Air (ATA)

Dimensional-weight based rating for national airport traffic. Services include airport to airport with pickup and delivery options.

Cartage Agents

Local pickup and delivery services in markets across North America. Structured areas by zones and rated as cwt, pallets or load.

TL & Partial Loads

Full Load pricing in local markets and across the NA continent. Rates are calculated by miles (PC Miler or Google Miles) point to point pricing or irregular routes by radius miles.

Container Drayage

Round trip flat rate prices or round-trip mileage applications. Rates are calculated from national rail ramps, steamship piers or container yards.

Exclusive Use Vehicles (EUV's)

Select exclusive use vehicles that are rated by specific truck sizes. EUV services are auto rated by miles or flat prices.

Transportation Quote Automation

Instant Rates

Immediate access to automated carrier pricing, regardless of transport mode. WDX calculates the net charges by applying class, dims., skids, feet or full truckload volume. The net prices are generated and displayed, so the best service is found with little effort.

  • Pallet Pricing
  • CWT Standard or Class Rates
  • Truckload and Partial Loads
  • All Accessorial

Spot Quote Network

Carrier services are entered into the WDX system to query by geographical area and mode of transportation. Carriers will receive electronic quote forms that are systematically returned to the requester. Quotes are stored by quote number and accessible by your team at any time.

  • Volume LTL
  • Truckloads
  • Container Drayage
  • Hot Shot Services

Integration Services

WDX offers custom service options that include system integration, custom programming. Integration with order entry, current website, TMS, SCM, ERP, WMS, dispatch, or any other system.

  • Batch Processing

About WDX

CO-FOUNDED IN 2005 by Richard Dockstader and Michael Reiss.

We assembled a highly skilled technical team to develop interfaces with major motor carriers. Our API’s provide fast, accurate, up to the minute tariff rating. Not all carriers have API technology. Henceforth, WDX developed a wide range of motor carrier rating tools to support a vast network of small and large carriers. We recognized the need to include all carriers that can support a diverse and complete marketplace.