Does your quote staff struggle in finding the best carriers to match your specific requirements? Would you save time and spend if all your vetted carriers could appear in a single query? Are your carriers’ put in silos that are hard to reach by your pricing teams?

Picture this! Your Seattle office has a trusted carrier that they rely upon to make timely airport pickups. Rates have been negotiated and they are approved by your compliance department. Dispatch contacts are established and it’s easy working with their staff. Your New York office has an RFQ that includes Seattle air freight along with 10 other airports. The New York office should easily obtain pricing automatically in all those markets and be assured that services will be ready to go when the shipments begin to arrive.

There are hundreds of scenarios involving unique conditions. Having a wide range of carrier services at the ready, fully automated in a single go-to system, is powerful tool. 

Let your specialized service providers support your team.

  • Surface Air Linehaul Providers
  • Cartage Agent Services
  • Pallet Rates
  • Class Base Pricing
  • Partial & Full Load Specialists
  • Exclusive Use Vehicles

You have already built your carrier network, now let WDX turn those pricing silos into seamless, accessible partners.