Instant Rates

Does your quote staff struggle to find the best carriers promptly?

 Your team will save time and freight spend when your vetted carriers appear in a single query. If your carriers are put in silos that are hard to reach, we can change that condition for you.

WDX provides powerful user interfaces for entering your freight details. Any carriers serving a requested lane will instantly appear in a single query. Whether it’s 100 pounds or 40,000 pounds, the appropriate discounted quotes will be presented.

Our user interfaces offer all types of ratings stemming from your pre-established pricing agreements by your carriers.

There are hundreds of scenarios with unique conditions. We provide a wide range of carrier services in a fully automated system. Let our system do the work for you!


  •    Surface Air Linehaul Providers
  •     Cartage Agent Services
  •     Pallet Rates
  •     Class Base Pricing
  •     Partial & Full Load Specialists
  •     Residential
  •     Exclusive Use Vehicles


You already have a carrier network; now let WDX turn those pricing silos into seamless, accessible quotes.